CRY NGO Kolkata Is The Face Of Change We Need In Society

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May 11, 2017
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CRY NGO Kolkata is one of the most famous non-profit organizations in India, highly regarded for the wonderful work that they have done for the poor and disadvantaged children of the country. We will tell you what you need to know about this organization, and give you the most up-to-date information on CRY Kolkata contact and CRY Kolkata address so that you can get in touch with them and contribute in any way you can.

NGO for child protection

There are over 500 million children in India. This is a demographic group that normally gets neglected as they don’t have a vote, don’t pay taxes and do not voice their complaints to the authorities. CRY NGO Kolkata lends support to the children of India, especially to those who do not have the support of a loving and caring family. In other words, it is an NGO for child protection.

Children from poor and underprivileged communities are subjected to discrimination and abuse on a regular basis. Yes, it is good to offer our sympathies to them and show our concern. How many of us actually do something about it? Indeed, does the government really care that the constitutional rights of children are violated more than any other community or group in the country?

CRY NGO Kolkata : Interesting facts and history

Child Rights and You or C.R.Y. was started by RippanKapur as a non-profit in 1979. The organization believes in the motto,“equality not charity”. They believe that children have a right in this country, a right to education, a right to good food, clothing and playtime, a right to explore the world as far as their curiosity takes them.

  • Child nutrition: Child malnutrition is another big problem in India. 2 million infants die before their first birthday because their parents are too poor to provide them with proper nutrition, or cannot provide them with the right kind of medication at such an early stage in their life.
  • Nationwide movement: CRY Kolkata began small, but it has since developed into a nationwide movement. It brings together people from different professions, backgrounds and age groups, with one purpose, to ensure that the children of this country are not denied the rights that are due to them, that they are not wronged and to bring about a sustainable and permanent change in their lives.
  • Pan India: CRY works across all states in India and has brought about a commendable difference to the lives of children in over 13,000 villages and urban slums in the country. They work in amongst the poorest sections of the Indian society and take care of the basic essentials such as food and education. They also give the children something very important that is denied to them by the society they are a part of – respect.
  • Background: Back in 1979, when CRY began, they were only a small non-government organization. They had only a group of 7 volunteers working for them and began with a donation of Rs. 50. Now, the organization raises over Rs. 50 crores every year through donations and sales of products. They have a management team of 150 and thousands of volunteers across the country.
    It’s so very easy for many of us who have been brought up in a comfortable middle-class lifestyle to forget that so many children do not have these basic rights. Millions of children drop out of school because their parents cannot afford to pay their fees. Many live on the brink of starvation as their parents cannot afford to provide them with even two square meals a day.
CRY education campaign for child rights

Activities of CRY NGO Kolkata

Let’s consider some of the work done by CRY Kolkata and CRY India.

  • Immunization: They have provided immunization to as many as 122,898 infants over the last 12 months alone. They have worked in 648 villages across the country and persuaded the villagers to say no to child labor.
  • Health Centres: They have set up 19 Primary Health Centres and 38 Sub-health centers across the country. CRY has completely stopped the practice of child marriage in over 1,152 villages in India by working closely with the people and educating them.
  • Campaigns: Some of their campaigns such as “Voice of India – Say Yes to Education”, “Free-a-child today” and “Titan-CRY Education Fund” have been a roaring success. “Project Shiksha – education as a right of every child”, is another famous and highly effective campaign started by CRY.
  • Charter of demands: The organization had created a charter of demands in 2009 called as ‘SabkoShiksha, SamaanShiksha’ which was signed by 770,000 people and was submitted to the then President of India, PratibhaPatil. Other important initiatives taken by CRY include the Campaign for Equity and Equality in Tsunami Rehabilitation (CEETR) and the ‘SansadGheraoAbhiyan’.
  • Milestone: CRY Kolkata has carried forward the demand for a just world for the children of this country. They have come a long way since they started in 1979, but their work has only begun.
  • Keeping pace: It is easy for the rest of us to become complacent because India is the world’s fastest growing economy with booming stock markets and rapid technological development. But we must not forget that millions of children from certain underprivileged sections of the society are still being denied the fruits of development that most of us take for granted.
Donations for CRY Kolkata

CRY NGO Kolkata needs your support, India needs your support. Donations are the lifeline of any NGO, including CRY Kolkata. Don’t hesitate to do your bit and donate as much as possible to CRY Kolkata. You can make your donations at this CRY NGO Donation.

Just as important as donations are, no NGO can do anything much without volunteers. So please volunteer and contribute your time, skills and provide moral support in any way you can to the NGO in Kolkata. Just help other CRY volunteers spread the word.

Contact Details of CRY NGO in Kolkata

CRY – Child Rights And You

Address: 152, Kalikapur, Gitanjali Park, New No.8, 2nd Street, Kolkata – 700099
Phone No: +91-33-24169507 / +91-33-2412772
Fax No: +91-33-24163322

You can only apply for CRY NGO Kolkata internships CRY NGO Kolkata internships. Do your bit to make this world a better place for our children!

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