NGOs Working for Women’s Rights in India

By RimTim NGO Staff Writer
June 14, 2016

Women’s movements in India have been going on since pre-independent days and they moved from demands for social reform to demands for equality in the post-independence era. In the euphoria of post-independence, it was expected that women’s status will drastically improve along with other marginalized groups because of the various rights enshrined in the Constitution of India. However, when this was not achieved various women’s movements came up demanding rights, equality and justice on a number of issues.

NGOs working on women’s right

Apart from the government there are at least 31 lakh non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India working for the progress of the society. Most of the NGOs are working on various issues related to women’s right. The issues range from pre-natal sex determination and female feticide, female infanticide, childhood physical and sexual abuse, sexual abuse and rape, dowry, women’s economic empowerment, land rights for women, intimate partner violence among many others. There are many NGOs in India working on one or multiple issues who also provide shelter homes and rehabilitation.

Services offered by NGO

NGOs provide various services – they implement pilot projects so that government can adopt them in other areas and regions, they provide one stop crisis centers where women seeking help in legal matters or wanting to know more about judicial procedures can come, they provide screening and referrals for violence, they also provide counseling services. Apart from these, NGOs in India also impart gender sensitization training’s to various age groups and various sections of the population. In recent years, there has been a realization to engage with men and to sensitize and change their attitude towards gender equality. Several NGOs are working in Men Engagement and there are also various campaigns implemented by various organizations to raise awareness on gender equality. With the Sustainable Development Goals recently being adopted, there are many NGOs in India working towards achieving Goal 5 (Gender Equality for all).

NGO for womens rights

Rimtimmers listed out some of the important NGOs working on women’s right

  1. Snehalaya NGO

    Address: Snehalaya F- 239 M.I.D.C. Near Shree Tiles Chowk, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra – 414111
    Phone No: +91-241-2340444

    Snehalaya is an NGO in Maharashtra which works for female infanticide and feticide. It provides rehabilitation to infant girls rejected by their families and provides shelter to women and children in distress, among other efforts. It also provides immediate medical aid to newborn girls abandoned on the roads or in garbage dumps. It has a shelter home for women and children that provides short-time lodging, counseling and vocational training.

  2. Centre for Social Research

    Address: Plot No – 2, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070
    Phone No: +91-11-26899998

    CSR is one of the premier NGOs working for women’s right in India and is based out of New Delhi. They work on issues ranging from eradicating pre-natal sex selection, to increasing the role of women played in governance. Delhi being notoriously famous as the “Rape Capital” of the country, they run several gender sensitization programmes which involve workshops and training’s. They also have crisis intervention centers where a woman can come for legal help, counseling and to obtain other important information.

  3. Majlis

    Address: A 2/4 Golden Valley, Kalina, Mumbai – 400098
    Phone No: +91-22-26662394 / 26661252

    Majlis is another women’s rights initiative located in Mumbai. They provide legal counselling with a group of women lawyers and social activists. They are committed to empowering and educating women on their rights by organizing awareness meetings, creating platforms to discuss legal issues. They also address individual cases and provide them with knowledge and technical know-how to approach the court of law.

  4. North-East Network

    Address: J.N 7, Doctor B Borooah Road, Digholi Pukhuri East, Uzan Bazar, Guwahati, Assam – 781001
    Phone No: +91-9435017824

    North-East Network is one of the earliest NGOs based in Assam, Nagaland and Meghalaya. They bring out the voices and issues faced by women from a part of India which is often overlooked by mainstream Indian media and at times even the central government. Apart from the work that they do on their own, they connect different civil society organizations on development.

  5. International Centre for Research on Women

    Address: C – 59, South Ext, Part II New Delhi – 110049
    Phone No: +91-11-46643333

    International Centre for Research on Women has been one of the internationally recognized organizations in the field of applied research in the field of women’s issues across the globe. With the head office in Washington DC, their Asia Regional Office is located in New Delhi. Known for the meticulous work, their research has influenced policy and found scalable solutions for issues faced by women in different social contexts. They work for Social economic development of women’s, health, violence among other areas.

  6. Vimochana – Forum for Women’s Rights

    Address: No. 33/1-9, Thyagraj Layout, Jaibharath Nagar, Bengaluru – 560033
    Phone No: +91-80-25492781

    Vimochana is a Bangalore based NGO in India reaching out to distress women in India. They provide emotional and legal support and even shelter in extreme cases. They also help women get just settlements by strengthening women’s self-help community structures. They are well known for their creative means of campaigning such as theatres, plays and songs to mobilize public opinion on issues like dowry harassment and deaths, abortions after sex determination, prostitution, sexual harassment at workplace etc. of public concern or to pressure authorities to take action in specific cases of injustice. They conduct gender training programmes for researchers, educational institutions, government functionaries, police and also provides them with resources. These trainings help them to critically think and understand the difference between sex and gender. Apart from the excellent grassroots level work that they do, they also lobby at various national and international forums to highlight these women centric issues.

  7. Jagori

    Address: B-114, Shivalik Malviya Nagar New Delhi – 110017
    Phone No: +91-11-26692700

    Jagori is another NGO in India located in Delhi that is working on a range of issues related to women. One of their very interesting on going work is the Safe Delhi Campaign. They are working on a plan to make cities safer for women. They are conducting Women’s Safety Audits by collecting and assessing information about perceptions of safety in public spaces. They are working to re-design public places to make women feel safe at any time of the day.

  8. Azad Foundation

    Address: F-26 and F-36, 1st floor, Kalkaji, New Delhi – 110019
    Phone No: +91-11-49056322

    Azad Foundation’s mission is to equip resource-poor women with knowledge and skills so that they excel as professionals and entrepreneurs, and earn a “livelihood with dignity” in jobs and markets that had traditionally been closed to them.

  9. SNEHA Mumbai

    Address: Behind Bldg. No. 11, BMC Colony, Shastri Nagar, Santacruz West, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400054
    Phone No: +91-22-26614488

    SNEHA believes that investing in women’s health is essential to building viable urban communities. SNEHA targets four large public health areas – Maternal and Newborn Health, Child Health and Nutrition, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Prevention of Violence against Women and Children.

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