SMILE foundation : An NGO In India To Make Kids Smile

By RimTim Staff Writer
July 7, 2017

Encompassing a population of more than 6 billion, India ranks as one of the fastest growing developing countries in the world in terms of economic improvement. But this perk in the country’s financial status has not necessarily led to improvement in the health and lives of its citizens.

Background of Smile Foundation

Despite being almost two decades into the twenty-first century, the worst-hit section of the society is its children and youth.

A survey report released by Child Rights and You (CRY) stated that as per the census 2011, there are more than 99 million school dropouts in India that are under 18 years of age. Approximately 10.13 million children work as laborers throughout the country in various menial engagements.

Education is a basic right of every human being and it is extremely distressing to comprehend that a child has to give up this right to be able to put food on his plate. The Smile Foundation India rose under similar despair and the realization that the privileged sector has to stretch out a helping hand toward the poor.

Smile Foundation NGO in India

  • History: Founded in 2002 in New Delhi, the organization started as an initiative by a group of corporate workers to aid the cause of the destitute children. Through many obstacles, encouragements, ups, and downs, the Smile Foundation has now completed almost fifteen years in service.
  • Collective Cooperation: In alliance with several corporations, government departments, other NGOs, and volunteers, this non-profit association has managed to touch the lives of thousands of children throughout the country.
  • Education: The chief intent of the Smile Foundation India is to provide basic primary and secondary education to all children less than 18 years of age. In order to overcome the problems that have been the cause of child illiteracy, the foundation aims to empower the family and create awareness about the need for education. A 2016 developmental report released by the Smile Foundation stated that it had been successful in providing education to 21,346 children during the year. It had also provided infrastructural aid to 34 educational centers, thereby helping 6,890 additional children.

Programs of Smile Foundation NGO

The Smile Foundation focuses on the issues of illiteracy and the poor health of underprivileged children and targets children’s overall development and incorporation into mainstream society. The organization has taken up several projects in order to address the secondary problems related to the root concern.
  • Mission Education: This is a project aimed at providing healthcare and education to children belonging to the most underprivileged sector of the society. Sensitization programs are organized to create awareness among families about the need for formal schooling.
  • Belief: The foundation stands on the firm belief that a child will be sent to school by the parents only if they are assured of his health, safety, and contribution to the income of the family. This core program is divided into several sections that target a variety of issues.
  • Mission: The mission involves initiatives to provide pre-school education for children aged 3-6 years, non- formal education for non-school going children aged 6-14 years, remedial education for school going children aged 6-14 years and a bridge course for school dropouts aged 14-18 years. The major target populations are children of the poorest section of society, children affected with HIV/AIDS, children with rare medical disabilities and runaway children.
  • Smile on Wheels: An innovative venture undertaken by the Smile Foundation India, Smile on Wheels is a mobile medical van traveling through the slums offering free healthcare services to poor people. The van travels around the city with the sole aim of bringing quality healthcare to the doorstep of the needy.
  • Survey: Surveys among the underprivileged class have revealed that most people do not visit hospitals or primary health centers in order to avoid losing a day’s wage. For them, losing even a single day’s wage can mean empty plates at dinner.
  • Help: Smile on Wheels strives to help these hard working laborers who sustain the foundation of the country’s economy.
  • Focus: The prime focus is on providing quality medical care to the entire family without the hassle of waiting in lines at a local health center or the associated costs of such facilities. A few of the initiatives of Smile on Wheels include eye checkups, immunization camps, and health awareness camps.
Smile Foundation NGO
  • Swabhimaan: Recognizing women as the keepers of peace in a healthy society, the Smile Foundation has put forth the project named Swabhimaan to address the issues related to women empowerment.
  • Aim: Thousands of girls in India are married off before reaching the legal age, mostly due to societal pressure and poverty. Swabhimaan targets women in the poorest sectors of society and creates awareness about their role in building a better nation.
  • Healthcare: The project offers healthcare facilities and basic education to poor women and gives them a chance to earn their own living in mainstream society. The commonly prevalent issues like anemia, female infanticide, feticide, child marriage, and illiteracy are tackled. Swabhimaan also involves male family members in the process and emphasizes the importance of their support in this endeavor. The program operates on a 4-S model, seeking health care as a behavior, support for education, supporters in men through male involvement, and sustaining the change in communities.
  • Child for Child: This is a purposeful endeavor that seeks to generate awareness among children of the wealthier sectors of society about the plight of destitute children.
    In operation for more than 10 years, the Child for Child program organizes interaction sessions with children of families of good financial standing, striving to raise awareness and a sense of empathy towards those less fortunate.
    The program aims to inculcate a sense of responsibility and a positive outlook in the lives of the future generation.

Helpdesk of Smile Foundation

Everyone can get involved with the noble cause of the Smile Foundation. You can volunteer either as an individual or as a part of a school, college, corporate group or media house.

Donations can be made according to the information available on the website of the organization. All contributions, large or small, can help to improve the living conditions of a child in need. Smile Foundation has now reached almost all corners of India. You can contact the local office in your city and get involved right away.

Smile Foundation NGO in India contact details

  1. Smile Foundation Delhi

    Address: Green Park Extension, Block V- 11, Ansari Nagar West, New Delhi, Delhi – 110029
    Phone: +91-11-43123700
  2. Smile Foundation Hyderabad

    Address: 12-13-1143, Narayana High School Lane, Street No 11, Near Kalyan Dental Clinic, Tarnaka, Hyderabad – 500017
    Phone No: +91-8688733390
  3. Smile Foundation Bengaluru

    Address: No.14, Sinnou Elegance Apartment, Flat No.103, Buddha Vihar Road, Frazer Town, Bengaluru – 560005
    Phone No: +91-80-41320797
  4. Smile Foundation Chennai

    Address: New number 37, Old number 17/1, Ground Floor, Kutty Street, Near Rajbhavan Hotel, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034
    Phone No: +91-44-28256400
  5. Smile Foundation Mumbai

    Address: #101, First Floor, Gladiola Building, Hanuman Road, Above Kotak Mahindra Bank, Vile Parle East, Mumbai – 400057
    Phone No: +91-22-26104106
  6. Smile Foundation Kolkata

    Address: Flat No. 1-B, 1st Floor, 55, Charu Chandra Place East, Police Station, Charu Market, Kolkata – 700033
    Phone No: +91-33-24227084

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