Vidyaranya NGO Bangalore- Shelter for Street Children and Disabled

By RimTim Staff Writer
August 22, 2017
Vidyaranya NGO

The strength of a country lies in the integrity and security of its populace. Equality between the genders is an important part of all societies, which in turn ensures equal opportunities for all.

NGO in Bangalore

The seven decades of independence in India has observed the establishment of thousands of welfare organizations all over India. One such prominent group is the Vidyaranya NGO in Bangalore that recently completed more than 25 years in service of humanity.

The fundamental view of the NGO is to bring about confidence and self-determination among women, men and children of the deprived and marginalized sections of the society. Trafficking of women and children remains a major hurdle in the social scenario of modern day India. A report published in the Times of India stated that 19,223 women and children had been victims of trafficking in the country in 2016 in comparison with 15,448 in 2015, an alarming 25% increase in a single year.

Vidyaranya NGO Bangalore

  • Foundation: Vidyaranya was founded in 1991 by Mr. M.C. Ramesh, who in collaboration with a few others, wished to give back to the society in whatever way they could. The NGO was initially started in Mandur, Karnataka and one of its first projects was building homes for the poor living in that area.
    With people coming in from various regions for collaboration and support, the Vidyaranya NGO Bangalore opened up centers several parts of Karnataka.
  • Registered: The NGO is a registered organization under the ministry and conducts welfare programs in the state. The primary objectives of the group are to work for the women belonging to a background of poverty and discrimination, physically and mentally disabled children and inaid of senior citizens.
  • Survey: As per the annual report for the year 2014-15 released by Vidyaranya, the group had rescued 200 women and 80 children during the year. It had also conducted 84 workshops and 72 street plays for spreading awareness about trafficking and welfare.

Initiatives by Vidyaranya NGO

  1. Women Empowerment: Drawing fame as a women empowerment NGO, Vidyaranya has taken several initiatives for the uplift and welfare of women of the marginalized sections of the society.

    • Projects: It undertakes welfare projects pertaining to a vast array of issues faced by these women. Rescue and rehabilitation are the premier goals of the group, which it successfully conducts with the help of the police and other concerned authorities.
    • Multiple centers: This NGO in Bangalore has multiple centers in Karnataka where it harbors the rescued and destitute women, offering them a safe home to live.
    • Aim: Vidyaranya aims to incite self-reliance and dignity in these women so that they can rejoin the mainstream as independent, earning members of the society. They are trained in a variety of work skills like tailoring, weaving and beauty courses that will help them earn once they leave the shelter.
  2. Children: Vidyaranya firmly believes that all children deserve a fair and equal chance at a decent life, irrespective of birth and the financial status of their family.

    • Rescue and welfare: The NGO has taken up a host of projects for the rescue and welfare of the children in slums and in other kinds of destitute conditions. They are rescued from conditions of extreme poverty like begging on the streets, prostitution, and child labor. Many of the children in the rehabilitation center had been abandoned by their parents due to a lack of money and assets.
    • Safe environment: They are offered a safe environment to live in and intensive psychological care to deal with their traumatic pasts. The children are allowed to attend school after an initial training period of one year.
    • Children with special needs: Vidyaranya also works for the well-being children with special needs. The NGO currently runs two schools for the disabled, one for the blind and the other for mentally challenged. Initiatives of this kind have helped the kids to grow to their full potential and become valuable contributors towards a progressive nation.
  3. Old age Homes: Vidyaranya has started two old age homes in Karnataka that currently serve more than 50 senior citizens of India.

    • For aged people: The people living in the homes have been through several misfortunes in their late life and do not have any means of income or a caregiver. Mostly abandoned by their families due to a lack of productivity incurred by old age; these inmates have found a welcoming home in the centers.
    • Fooding and lodging: In addition to food, lodge, and clothing, the NGO also takes care of the medical concerns of the seniors.
    • Teaching: Some of them are taught skills like candle making and weaving and allowed to sell their creations, restoring dignity and confidence in the self.
Vidyaranya NGO Bangalore

Be a part of Vidyaranya NGO Bangalore

The NGO welcomes volunteers to be a part of their projects and take pleasure in giving back to the society. There is no greater joy than that in serving humanity, and what better way to go forth than helping the destitute in your own country?

Vidyaranya accepts donations from all parts of the world and has both online and offline portals for transferring money. All relevant details can be found on their website, along with future prospects of the group.

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