Refresh Yourself in The Best Tea and Cafe Joints in Kolkata!

By RimTim Staff Writer
March 30, 2018
Tea and café Joints in Kolkata

A mug of steaming mint tea in a tea joint or café in Kolkata with a dear friend while the dull bustle of afternoon traffic buzzes in the background– this picture seems perfect.

As the sky slowly turns pink, you realize that it has been more than an hour since you started reminiscing childhood memories with your old friend. The staff at the café has been more than welcoming and the ambiance is delightful.

Tea and café joints have become the go-to hangout spot for the new century, offering a cosmopolitan ambiance dusted with the perfect amount of ethnic flavor. The social scene in urban India has been taken over by the café culture, winning customers’ hearts through the services and products that they offer.

The number of coffee and tea houses has observed a surge in the last decade in India, as well as throughout the rest of the world. A report published by Statista stated that the annual worldwide production of coffee is around 153.98 million bags weighing 60 kilograms each. The per capita consumption of coffee by adults in the US alone is 10.2 lbs.

Tea and cafés joints in Kolkata

It is not very hard to imagine cozying up with a warm drink and a book in the culturally iconic city of Kolkata, thus bringing tea and café joints in Kolkata into the picture. Although new coffee and pastry shops, tea houses and cafés in Kolkata are opening daily, the market is still dominated by the old, big names that continue to carry their legacy forward.

Modern-day tea houses and cafes in Kolkata offer a variety of new, innovative menu items beyond the signature beverages typically offered. People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy stopping in to try something new.

The fast-growing “eating-out” market has had a considerable impact on the economy of the country. A report released by FICCI stated that an estimate created by the National Restaurant Association of India says that the restaurant industry is expected to contribute around 2.1 percent to the GDP of India by 2021.

The popularity of tea joints & café in Kolkata

The tea and café in Kolkata have created a place for themselves in the market in the form of a large and loyal customer base consisting of people from all walks of life.

  • Young people

    This group forms, perhaps, the largest section of the customer base in the tea shops and cafes in Kolkata. Every evening, a throng of young people, mostly between the ages of 17 and 25, can be spotted at coffee houses across Kolkata.

    Usually coming in groups of 4 or 5 people, these are mostly college students catching up with each other and studying together. A warm cup of tea and a few cookies or a sandwich is the most popular choice for evening refreshment!

    Students can also be seen working on group assignments and projects, since the cafés, unlike the library, offer a peaceful environment with the allowance to make conversation without disturbing others.

  • Professionals

    The office crowd in most metropolitan areas consists of people from places outside the city, many of whom live alone. As such, tea and cafés in Kolkata offer an opportunity to relax, enjoy an evening snack and socialize after work.

    Many customers come indirectly from the office, sometimes with a friend or colleague, to spend a couple of hours talking and having fun. Sometimes, casual office gatherings are also held at these venues, as in a casual welcome party or similar occasion.

  • Tea and cafe in Kolkata
  • Senior citizens

    The spread of the café culture in India can be best understood in light of the popularity among senior, retired citizens. This section of the customer base loves visiting small tea shops and cafés in Kolkata with friends and family, discussing life events or the news. They also often organize friendly community gatherings in these locations, booking a section or the entire café for their event.

Other options in tea and café in Kolkata

The primary attraction to any tea house or café is the beverage itself. These tea shops and café in Kolkata offer a wide assortment of teas and coffees, selected by quality analysis experts from across the world and brewed to perfection.

Most of the tea shops and cafe in Kolkata have one or two signature drinks that are supposed to be customer all-time favorites, including a monthly special.

In addition to tea and coffee, these establishments also offer a large variety of snacks to complement the beverage you choose. These may include nachos, pakodas, sandwiches, muffins, cake, noodles, momos, spring rolls, fries, and more.

Some cafés in Kolkata also serve alcohol, having both local and imported brands. It is important to understand that although entry to the café is open to everyone, alcohol is served to a customer only after checking their age-proof ID.

Coffee shops also, at times, serve as a venue for literary events like book signings, book clubs meetings, and more. This choice of venue can be attributed to the quiet atmosphere away from the commercial vibe of many larger event spaces. All in all, the tea and café culture in India is only projected to improve and widen in the years to come.

RimTimmers recommend the following tea and café in Kolkata

  1. Dolly’s The Tea Shop

    Address: Shop No. G-62, Ground Floor, Dakhinapan Shopping Complex, 2, Gariahat Road South, Dhakuria, Kolkata – 700068
    Phone: +91-33-24236445
  2. First Flush

    Address: 21/2, Gariahat Road, Ballygunge Gardens, Gariahat, Kolkata – 700019
    Phone: +91-33-40017708
  3. Karma Kettle Tea Room

    Address: #4, Swinhoe Street, Ekdalia, Ballygunge, Kolkata – 700019
    Phone: +91-18001232906
  4. Roma’s Tea Cafe

    Address: Sardarpur Road, Survey Park, Santoshpur, Kolkata – 700075
  5. The Tea Factory

    Address: 8/1A, Little Russel Street, Kankaria Estates, Park Street area, Kolkata – 700071
    Phone: +91-9831640402
  6. The Tea Trove

    Address: Deshapriya Park E, Manoharpukur, Kalighat, Kolkata – 700029
  7. The Tea Place by Manjushree

    Address: #256, Purna Das Road, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata – 700029
    Phone: +91-9073927934
  8. Tea Time Stories

    Address: 178A, Kankulia Road, Golpark, Kolkata – 700019
    Phone: +91-9830044806
  9. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

    Address: 2nd Floor, Quest Mall, 33, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Beck Bagan, Ballygunge, Kolkata – 700017
    Phone: +91-33-40333204
  10. The Whistling Kettle

    Address: Golpark, 23/3, Gariahat Road, Dhakuria, Kankulia, Kolkata – 700029
    Phone: +91-9734331190